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Keep the Buzz Out: Custom Screens to Insect-Proof Your Home

RiteScreen custom screen solutions prevent insects from entering your home more effectively than other options on the market.Heading into summer, many of us are already looking forward to spending more time outdoors or enjoying the fresh air from open doors and windows. However, with the pleasant weather comes an unwelcome challenge: insects. They seem harmless from a distance, but mosquitoes, flies, and other pests can quickly turn a peaceful home into a battleground. Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep these pesky intruders at bay. Replacing window screens, installing patio door screens, and adding screened-in porches or patios can provide a simple yet powerful solution to maintain an insect-free home.

insects can quickly turn a relaxing evening indoors into a battle against outdoor nuisances. For over 75 years, The RiteScreen Company has engineered window screens, door screens, and innovative screen solutions for your porch, patio, or garden to keep your home insect-free and maintain your peace of mind.

The Importance of Insect-Proofing your Home

Insects and bugs are shown in this image - these insects pose a threat to your home and family.Insects are more than a minor annoyance; they can also pose health risks and damage to your property. Mosquitoes, for example, are notorious for spreading diseases like malaria and Zika virus. Ants and flies can contaminate food surfaces or invade your grains and produce. Moreover, insects can cause structural damage by chewing through screens and wood or seeking entry into your home.

Though it may be easier to ignore them in the short term, protecting your home against insects will have long-term benefits, both for your home and your family’s well-being!

The Easy Insect Solution: Updated Screens for Every Entryway

RiteScreen has developed a range of screening solutions tailored to fit every opening in your home. From traditional window screens to sliding door screens and screened-in porches and patios, they can meet virtually every screen need. These American builder-preferred screen solutions are being made available to homeowners for the first time too! Understanding your screen defense system makes it simple to create a more comfortable and pest-free living environment. Read on to learn more about the most effective and common insect protection systems.

Rigid & Custom Window Screens

Installing window screens can reduce insects in your home, making it easy to enjoy peaceful moments in your day.Modern window screens are designed to provide maximum ventilation while keeping insects out. They are built with aesthetics and function in equal consideration. Sleek corners, unimpeded sightlines, and complementary of your home’s features: custom window screens are undergoing a design revolution! Made from durable materials, they are built to withstand the elements and resist tearing or sagging over time. With custom sizing options available, you can ensure a perfect fit for any window in your home.

RiteScreen custom window screen replacements are tailored to the homeowner’s unique dimensions and designed to provide maximum ventilation (while keeping insects out). Custom-made from durable, weather-resistant aluminum and fiberglass, and with premium mesh options available, RiteScreen custom window screens ensure a perfect fit and function for any window in your home.

Patio Doors & Sliding Door Screens

Rigid screen solutions are the most effective defense against bugs and insects

Sliding door screens and patio doors are popular features in many homes, offering easy access to outdoor spaces. However, they can also be a massive invitation for insects if not properly screened. Modern patio door screens can seamlessly integrate with your existing doors and architecture. This can provide a stylish barrier against pests without compromising style or functionality.

RiteScreen patio door screens are designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing doors, providing a barrier against pests without compromising on style or functionality. They are built with weather-resistant aluminum and fiberglass. Proprietary multi-fit technology is built into assembled and knock-down door kit options. Furthermore, Custom DIY Patio Door options are available in 5 colors with 5 premium mesh options and your selection of weatherstripping. Homeowners have never been happier – and insects have never been so defeated!

Insect Screens in Your Porches and Patios

RiteScreen provides industry-standard mesh rolls, available to homeowners for easy insect-proofing of their outdoor spaces (such as pools, patios, gardens, and more).
Check out the RiteScreen blog for a few quick tricks on how to protect against insects.

Doors and windows are obvious – we all have them and appreciate our screens when breezes roll through. But what if you want to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the hassle of bugs? Screened-in porches and screened patios are increasingly popular with families that enjoy spending time at home. They provide a more affordable or convenient alternative to busy trips to the restaurant or park!

Outdoor dinners, reading in a rainstorm, or afternoon tea with family and friends; screen features in the backyard are especially popular for families and neighborhoods with a social emphasis. Custom-designed screens create a comfortable outdoor living space where you can relax, entertain, and enjoy the fresh air without worrying about insect intruders. You can also use mesh rolls to screen porches, patios, gardens, pools, sunrooms, and so much more!

You no longer have to accept bugs and insects as an inevitability of spring and summer – if you can sit in it, you can screen it!

Why Choose Rigid Screens to Protect Against Insects?

  • RiteScreen builds custom window screen replacements and patio door screens in 5 days to ship directly in 5 daysEffective Insect Protection: RiteScreen uses the industry’s preferred insect screen material. All screen replacements are highly engineered to keep even the smallest insects at bay, so you can enjoy a bug-free environment year-round.
  • Enhanced Ventilation: Unlike traditional solid barriers (such as windows and doors), window screens and patio doors allow fresh air to circulate freely, improving indoor air quality and reducing the need for artificial cooling. Custom screens provide unimpeded sightlines for optimal airflow.
  • Increased Property Value: In addition to their practical benefits, updated screens can also enhance the aesthetic appeal and resale value of your home. Conversely, a home with damaged screens typically sees a surface-level devaluation. It’s an easy fix for a quick boost to your property investment.
  • Expert Customer Service: RiteScreen has been developing the nation’s preferred window screen and door screen solutions for over 75 years. RiteScreen’s expert customer service team has collected this knowledge, and they are thrilled to share it with anyone interested. Call, chat, or email today – and even receive a free screen assessment!
  • Rite-in-5: With the innovative RiteScreen Screen Match Quiz, you can find and design your unique screen match in a matter of moments. It only takes 5 minutes to replace the screens you’ve needed to replace for 5 years – built in the USA in 5 business days and shipped with a 5-day lead time!

Reclaim Your Screen Time

Don’t let pesky insects ruin your indoor-outdoor experience. With RiteScreen replacement window screens, patio door screens, and porch screen solutions, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. Fresh air and peace of mind. Screen time and family time. Enhanced aesthetics and protection against the outdoors. There is little wonder why custom screens are still at the front of the fenestration industry.

Ready to upgrade your home’s defenses against bugs? Contact RiteScreen today to schedule a consultation and discover the perfect screening solutions for your needs. Learn more about how we can insect-proof your home and transform your living spaces, while receiving access to exclusive first-time and return customer discounts!

RiteScreen is America's oldest window screen company. Over 75 years of manufacturing the best screen solutions in the industry - now extended to homeowners!